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Uses for Vortex Air Nozzles

  • Blow Off for Chips
  • Replacement of Open Jets


  • Easy to Control
  • Low Initial Cost
  • Low Air Consumption - High Thrust
  • Reduces Compressed Air Use
  • Meets OSHA Specifications
  • Eliminates Need for Additional Compressors


  • Adjustable
  • R.O.I. in Weeks
  • No Moving Parts

What are Vortex Air Nozzles?

Vortex Nozzles use a small amount of compressed air and amplify the flow to generate the same results as open blow off jets and open pipe and nipples. The Vortex Nozzles deliver flow rates up to 25 times greater than the compressed air that they use. Noise levels are reduced substantially with the Vortex Nozzle. Expenditures for additional compressor capacity can be delayed or often eliminated totally. A single 1/4 diameter open air jet on a open air line can consume the entire output of a 25 HP compressor at 100 psig.

How Do Vortex Air Nozzles Work?

Compressed air is released through an annular orifice which reaches sonic speed. This creates a low pressure area which draws in surrounding air to amplify the total flow of the nozzle. The design of the Vortex Air Nozzle maximizes the speed of the primary compressed air enabling the nozzle to entrain large volumes of surrounding air to do an equal job to open compressed air jets and pipes.

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Item \ Price:

Amplify Air Flows 25:1

Spray Pattern: Conical; will increase 1 degree in diameter per foot.

Adjustable dial allows you to alter flow and thrust.

Easily fits a factory air gun to improve performance.

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