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Uses for Vortex High Thrust Jets

  • Heavy Blow Off
  • Ejecting Parts
  • Air Conveying
  • Part Cleaning
  • Cooling
  • Drying Off Surfaces
  • Blow Off of Chips, Trims, and Scrap
  • Replacement of Pipes and Tubes


  • Return on Investment
  • Instant On and Off
  • Meets OSHA Requirements


  • High Thrust
  • Low Consumption
  • Controllable

What are Vortex High Thrust Jets?

Vortex High Thrust Jets amplify compressed air by as much as 25 times. The high thrust provided enables the user to complete heavy blow off jobs and heavy air conveying jobs without overloading the compressor or shortening the life of the compressor.

How Do Vortex High Thrust Jets Work?

Vortex High Thrust Jets release a small amount of compressed air through an annular orifice. The high speed air creates a sonic velocity tube of air. The high speed tube of sonic velocity air creates a low pressure area or vacuum area at the rear of the jet body and entrains surrounding air into the sonic velocity air stream providing a high thrust air stream of air to provide high pressure blow off.

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Amplify Air Flows 25:1

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