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Uses for Vortex Air Amplifiers

  • Air Conveying
  • Ventilation
  • Cooling
  • Blow Off Chips
  • Exhaust of Fumes
  • Purging Tanks
  • Test Thermostats
  • Cooling Dies and Molds
  • Cleaning of Parts
  • Drying of Parts


  • Low Cost
  • No Maintenance
  • Controllable
  • No Electricity
  • No Guards
  • Mounts Easy
  • Meets OSHA Specs


  • Instant On & Off
  • No Moving Parts
  • Controllable
  • No Noise

What are Vortex Air Amplifiers?

A Vortex Air Amplifier utilizes a small amount of compressed air to create larger volumes of air, as much as 25x amplification. The total volume and the volume of compressed air is infinitely adjustable. Vortex Air Amplifiers are used to replace straight compressed air fans and blowers in countless applications. Vortex Air Amplifiers do not have the drawbacks of fans and blowers requiring guards for blowers and the bulk of blowers. Vortex Air Amplifiers have excellent vacuum characteristics which make them perfect for air conveying and exhausting of fumes.

How Do Vortex Air Amplifiers Work?

A small amount of compressed air enters the annular orifice of the Vortex Air Amplifier. The compressed air accelerates to sonic speed as it exits the orifice. At the exit, the sonic speed air creates a low pressure area (vacuum area) drawing in the surrounding air creating the amplification and utilizing the free ambient air to create large flows. Vortex Air Amplifiers are quiet, safe, and maintenance free due to having no moving parts. Vortex Air Amplifiers give you high performance without noise.

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Throat Diameter \ Price:


Throat Diameter \ Price:

Amplify Air Flows 25:1

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